The music curriculum consists of several components, including group singing, music appreciation, individual presentations, and performances.

The singing piece of the program exposes students to music in Hebrew and English in a variety of genres that range in theme from Jewish holidays, beliefs, and values (typically correlating to the seasons of the Jewish calendar) to patriotic American melodies, show tunes, and popular music with meaningful and relevant messages and lessons. Age and developmentally appropriate activities and discussions often accompany the learning of new songs.

The Torah School Senior and Junior Girls’ Choirs offer girls in Grades 4-6 and Grades 2-3, respectively, an optional outlet in which participants learn to develop their performance skills. These ensembles rehearse on a weekly basis and perform approximately three times each year, both in school and in the greater Jewish community. Choir members are introduced to basic harmony, rounds, and solo and group singing. Girls who sing in the choir develop poise, discipline, and self-confidence, while sharing the gift of music with others.