The Torah School library is more than a collection of books.  It is a warm, nurturing environment which encourages students to appreciate and enjoy literature and learn more about the world around them.  Classes visit the library every two weeks for twenty-five minutes each.  During this time, students might listen to a story, conduct research related to a class project, or learn specific, library-related skills, such as how fiction and non-fiction books are arranged on the shelves.  But, most importantly, the students have an opportunity to browse the collection and select a book (or two) to check out and enjoy at home.

Our collection of approximately10,000 Judaic and secular books contains a wide variety of reading materials for both the avid and reluctant reader.  There are so many wonderful fiction and non-fiction books to explore. When adding titles to the library, both student interests and reading levels are taken into account in an attempt to keep the collection relevant and expose students to as many different authors and types of literature as possible. Whether a student is looking for a book to read for enjoyment or wants to read for informational purposes, using the library provides one of the few opportunities children have to explore their own interests outside of the classroom environment.  By taking advantage of their Torah School library experience, students will hopefully gain an appreciation for books and knowledge and become lifelong readers and learners.