The annual Chemdas program is a voluntary one that sparks great enthusiasm among our students in Grades 1-6. After Sukkos, the children receive age appropriate materials, covering a range of important aspects of Jewish learning, such as Berachos (blessings), the titles of the books of Shas (the Talmud), and the 13 principles of Ani Ma’amin (The Thirteen Articles of Jewish Faith as delineated by Maimonides). Additionally, upper grade students complete special projects and more advanced learning. Each of these topics is assigned a point value; these points are awarded to students who successfully undergo assessments administered by their respective Rabbeim, Moros, and Rabbi Charner (older students only). The minimum number of points required becomes progressively higher from grade to grade. While challenging, Chemdas gives the children a sense of accomplishment, along with a foundation of basic Jewish literacy. We take pride in the fact that our students remember and utilize this information for years to come.