There are many dedication opportunities at the Torah School. For example, you can dedicate a Mezuza or a classroom in memory of a loved one or in honor of someone. You can also sponsor new technology such as new Smartboards, new computers etc. Please contact Yossie Charner for more information. 301-962-8003 ext 2064 or email him

Parnas Hayom/ Sponsor a Day of Learning.


Parnas Hayom – Sponsor a Day of Torah Learning

The Parnas Hayom, Supporter of the Day program, offers you the opportunity to partner with the Torah School and become an integral part of the Mesorah. You can achieve this by dedicating a day of Torah study at the Torah School for one class, multiple classes, or the entire school. This dedication may be made in memory of or in honor of a specific person or persons. You may also choose to commemorate a specific occasion or event such as a yahrzeit, birthday or anniversary. Of course, you may choose to dedicate a day of learning at the Torah School simply for the satisfaction of becoming an integral link in the chain of our heritage. Each day’s Parnas Hayom sponsorship will be displayed on a beautiful plaque in the hallway of the school and will be announced to the students. The dedications will also be recognized in the weekly ESTER.

The cost for participating in this meaningful program is as follows:

  1. Dedication of one day of learning of any grade –$36
  2. Dedication of one day of learning of the entire school–$180

Parnas Hayom Registration Form



I would like to sponsor a day of learning

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Please specify the date of the sponsoring, name of the person being mentioned on our ParnasHayom plaque, and your relationship to the person.


Name (please include complete Hebrew name)


Please specify by checking the class or school to be sponsored.

For more info, please contact Yossie Charner